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Planetside2 - Outfit Mumble Details

Welcome to - An Australian gaming community site

Download/install Mumble (voice communications) here:
1. Goto Configure tab - Audio wizard - make sure your mic works (checking Sound in Control panel as well)
2. Open - Mumble in O/S
3. Click - Mumble Link - associated with your chosen outfit below
4. Please look around mumble to tweak overlay & sound levels etc.

--------Please find an outfit's "mumble" details below--------
-- Factions are Colour-coded --
-- Vanu Sovereignty, Terran Republic & New Conglomerate --

Outfit:Image [GAB]
Mumble Address Link:
Join up here:

Quick link to this page:
ps. If other outfits are interested with having details in here - please PM Deepjay or myself.

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